Curt Wilson

Owner & Captain

Captain Curtis Wilson is an experienced fisherman who has been fishing the waters of the north coast for ten years.  Curt has had a lifelong love of fishing and people that started early on in life, fishing the American and Sacramento Rivers.

He spent seven years gaining experience as a charter captain and fishing guide.  Curt spent his time in Alaska fishing for salmon, halibut, and bottom fish.  He has brought that experience to our beautiful Trinidad.  In the winter, he runs Steelhead and Salmon fishing trips on many of our local rivers.

Curt has a BA in Business Administration from our local Humboldt State University.  He has his US Coast Guard Captains license and current CPR as well as First Aid certification.

What a Captain. Very experienced very knowledgable. I have been fishing with him for a while now. In my humble opinion he is the best. Keep up the great work. Dennis
Caught my first fish ever on the the Wind Rose today and it was a King Salmon! It was a great day with a great Captain! Thanks Curt! Susan

Jim Gullett

Jim Gullett is a life-long fisherman, Jim started working on the dock in 1962 while still in high school and has been a commercial fisherman and charter fishing guide for over 38 years. His Northcoast fishing experience goes beyond salmon, rockfish and crabbing, having worked in double-rig shrimping, drag fishing and fishing for Hag (eel) growing up.

When you go out fishing with Jim as your guide, you’ll appreciate his easy-going manner and wry sense of humor just as much his multi-faceted knowledge of saltwater fishing, the region and its ecosystems.

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